AUI conducts reverse supply auctions on behalf of our clients & aggregates smaller users to gain similar savings as the largest users.

AUI constantly monitors for the best program for specific type customers. AUI will match the best available supplier choice for your specific business! AUI will work with you to design a strategy that allows your business to take full advantage of the deregulated electricity markets. 

Natural Gas

AUI has been the undisputed pioneer & leader in natural gas savings since 1994! AUI’s president & some of our customers were quoted in a 1996 Wall Street Journal front page article on the emerging Natural Gas deregulation market.

AUI's customers were the first Peco firm customers to start saving back in 1994! The original customers are still with us strong today, nearly 20 years later! Our aggregation expertise allows smaller and medium customers to achieve saving discounts that the largest users enjoy.

AUI’s customers were the first to save on Peco’s "Lvt" Low volume transportation back in 2001!


AUI’s electric deregulation experience goes back to 1998! AUI was heavily involved in Pennsylvania’s 1st electric deregulation phase in the late 90’s to early 2000’s. AUI also played a pivitol role in New York’s original deregulation around this same time. In fact, AUI and our longtime N.Y. Sales Mngr. managed The Empire State Building’s energy purchasing!

One of AUI's largest customers was the first company to save on electric dereg. in N.J. back in 2004.

Energy Efficiency

AUI provides customers with all their energy efficiency needs.  Solar, Demand Response, Utility bill auditing & Lighting upgrades highlight our energy efficiency services.