In the energy saving business since 1990, AUI is one of the most experienced companies in the deregulated energy industry.

The Facts:

  • AUI has built its longtime success on our ability to deliver reliable energy savings year after year.
  • The majority of AUI's customers have been with us for well over 10 years & many for over 20 years!
  • AUI can provide savings throughout the U.S., wherever energy is deregulated.
  • AUI’s customers include local Mom & Pop businesses to large national chains.
  • AUI constantly monitors the energy markets and provides our clients directly with regular updates and specifically tailored strategies.

"AUI provides other energy related recommendations that yield significant monthly savings absolutely free, whereas other consulting companies share in your savings."

The History:

AUI has been through the energy lows of the early 90’s to the runaway high’s starting after 9/11, peaking post "Katrina", & back to the lows with the recent "shale" gas boom. AUI possesses the expertise & experience to utilize the best tools to manage this volatile expense.